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Friday Night Post-Game Fireworks Display

One of the reasons why my husband had chosen a Friday game when we watched our fave baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, was because of the fireworks. What a great idea that was of him because the fireworks display was really awesome!!! We really enjoyed it immensely and all the fans there in the stadium, for sure. The cheering and the clapping could attest to that. Our son was fascinated too.

It was not the first time that we have seen a fireworks display, but more often than not, there is always something new. And what we saw there had a lot of new things that we have not seen in the other fireworks display before.

It was really awesome I kissed my husband for doing a great job. (“,)

It’s A Plane!

It sure was. See it?

I took this photo when we watched a Major League Baseball game between our favorite team Braves vs. Phillies in Atlanta, Georgia. This was before the game started. The plane circled around the stadium and on its tail was a banner of one of the sponsors. It was doing that for like an hour, I guess until the game finally started.

I do wonder if the pilot didn’t get dizzy doing that. Hee-hee. But he definitely entertained us.

Downtown Atlanta

As soon as we hit the city limits of Atlanta, we were all giddy with excitement. Most especially when we saw the high-rise buildings of downtown Atlanta that you can see in the photo. My husband couldn’t hide his excitement. He blurted out, “There’s downtown Atlanta, guys!” And of course, I had to take a snap shot.

It wass really a wonderful family vacay that I will always cherish and remember. Thanks to my husband who planned it all for the three of us. I love Atlanta!

A Bulldog

The bulldog is the mascot of the University of Georgia. It can be seen inside the Georgia Welcome Center.

It is so cute I had to take a snap shot of the bulldog with my son. It was the first thing that actually captured our eyes as soon as we walked in the part of the center where leaflets for destinations and attractions in Georgia can be found.

My husband was busy browsing all the leaflets while me and my son was busy with something else. And this was one of them.

Miniature Town

I’ve been sharing with you photos of miniature buildings. Those buildings were part of a miniature town and the photos I am sharing below is the photo of the town. Look how awesome it is! The colorful colors of autumn in those trees and those buildings, vehicles and animals were really presented in the most creative way ever.

This is the western part of town, if I am not mistaken.

And this is the eastern part. That is my son looking and checking the town. Can you tell how fascinated he was?