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Cool Weather Ahead? Bring it On!

Come Saturday, Fall Equinox will finally start. The weather actually feels like fall now – not too cold, not too warm. Perfect! But I am already wearing my jacket whenever I go out because the breeze is making it cooler. I can handle it if there’s no breeze, but if there’s one, you bet I got to have my outerwear.

And soon, I will start wearing boots too. I have been raring to have some Bogs ultra high boots because what I have are all mid-calf or ankle high. The right time to get some would be this fall. Soon I will. I can hardly wait!

He Knows What’s Good for Him

My husband is a typical man who doesn’t love shopping. Before we got married, he did buy clothes for himself, but only on special occasions or whenever he felt the need. I think that is not surprising at all with men, huh? But the good thing about him is, although he’s not into shopping, he has no complaints at all when it comes to my shopping. Yep, that’s how a good husband he is because he does believe that a happy wife equals a happy life. LOL.

So what I do – which I sometimes still hear some reactions about – I shop for him without his knowing. And of course, it is already too late for him to react. Sneaky me, huh? I bought him a new shirt lately and I am planning of buying him another one after I saw a blue falcon shirt that I am sure he would love.

I love surprising him as he loves surprising me. Now, I can’t wait to see his reaction once again. Teehee.

Sorry About Last Year, Bro’

I’ve already bought a pair of scrubs for my nurse brother who asked for them as a gift for his birthday. They are cheap scrubs, but certainly high quality. I like the material that they used. That was why I chose them, and of course, it was a great deal so I grabbed the opportunity and bought them right away.

This pair of scrubs was actually for my brother’s birthday last year. I didn’t get the chance to purchase them before his birthday because my schedule had just been hectic. But anyway, better late than never right? Hee hee.

It Pays to do Your Research

Whenever I shop, I browse the online stores first and see what they’ve got and also to compare prices so we will know where to go. That will save us time, energy and gas because we already have an idea what we like and where to get it.

I am actually in the middle of checking furniture prices of the different furniture stores here in the city because we need a new bed for the little one. I am currently looking at the ashley furniture prices and so far, so good.

Parties Galore in Our Life

Birthday parties seem to be a never-ending affair. For this month alone, we are invited to two birthday parties. And when we talk of birthdays, gifts do go along with them. I’ve already bought a gift for the first celebrant and I got a great deal. I always look for great deals when it comes to shopping and, of course, that include shopping for gifts. I’m not rich so that is perhaps understandable. LOL.

I still have to buy one more gift. And yes, I’ve been checking for great deals for this one too. I’ve seen those dropdowndeals coupons and they are simply irresistible. Maybe I will make use of them and see at what store I can get the bestest of deals. Yes!