Daily Archives: June 22, 2010

Picture of Him

Not literally a picture or a photo but a picture of him in my mind. I’ve been thinking about my fiance’ this afternoon. I’m home alone and whenever I’m in this kind of scenario, what comes next is daydreaming. I do daydream a lot when I’m alone. LOL. But they always are happy thoughts. No sad thoughts when I’m alone because for sure, I would end up feeling empty which I don’t want to happen. I am happy now and my fiance’ is one of the reasons why. Am I being cheesy?

Anyway, back to the picture. What I am picturing out is us having snacks. It’s 4 o’clock and I was supposed to have my snack an hour ago but due to my online tasks, I forgot to do so even though my pets have been reminding me since an hour ago. Hehe. But anyway, it’s never yet too late. Wish my fiance’ was here with me so we can share a glass of my favorite chocolate drink and talk silly things like we always do. Hehe. Missing my bunny!