Daily Archives: June 6, 2010

Admirable Photographer

His mom and my mom are good friends and were classmates in grade and high school. They never lost contact ever since. Because of that, their family are always present whenever we have special gatherings here at home. I remember him as a naughty boy when he was young. I think I am five years older than him. I never thought he would grow such a fine and responsible young man. Their dad passed away about three years ago and since then, he became like the father of the family, taking care of his mom as well as his three younger brothers.

I never knew he’s into photography until about a year ago, and he got the talent. Just today, he invited me to be a fan of his photography website and though I had seen his works before, still, what I’ve seen on his website today awed me. He’s really good in what he’s doing.

He will be the official photography of my brother’s wedding in November and knowing that he’s in charge gives us no doubt that the pictures will be great. I can’t wait for my photograph. LOL.